Wednesday, December 1, 2010

UCLA logos

These are some logos I did for the various programs at UCLA Center X. These logos were quite challenging as I had to adhere to the very strict UCLA Identity Guidelines, as well as meet the client's needs and incorporate their program's signature color.

For Parent Project, this logo included two letter "P" letterforms with a symbolic parent and child nested within the negative space of the two letter P's for Parent Project. The client wanted something "friendly" and the typeface chosen seems "child-friendly." We went with a horizontal as well as vertical format for the logo.

For Mathematics Project, the client really liked pyramids so I drafted up a bunch of triangles and pyramids and we concluded with this one where the initials of Mathematics Project were made up of triangles nested within a triangle. As mathematics is a more abstract concept, I thought the geometry and symmetry of this logo was befitting to represent math. I chose a corresponding geometric typeface where the letter "A" closely matches the triangle of the logo mark itself.

This AP Readiness logo proved the most challenging. I had to incorporate elements of a high school student's contest winning design for AP Readiness, which was not quite "logo ready." The client wanted many of the AP Programs (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Calculus, etc) represented in the logo. We also had to be careful to stay away from the AP Board's respective logo. We went with a more simplified logo that speaks of the different branches of AP Readiness with math represented in the shapes and geometry, and sciences represented in the chemistry beaker and atom, with the earth sciences represented with the leaf. It was interesting trying to come up with symbols that fit within the negative space within the letterforms.